Tenerife Family Church verse 2

SHE Europe is the initiative of a group of Christian women based in the south of Tenerife. We are committed to helping and befriending any woman with any need, by simply providing a confidential phone line that any woman can call and share their needs; then trying to meet those needs in the Name and love of Jesus.

We can offer practical advice and support, are able to contact the appropriate authorities and offices needed as well as provide practical help and friendship.

SHE Europe is the shared vision that some Christian women here in Tenerife have had on their hearts for years. It is a desire to show Jesus’ love to women “at risk” in Tenerife by befriending them and supporting them in practical ways.
Through the confidential helpline and those willing to get alongside the women in need we hope to see lives not just helped but transformed by the love of Jesus.
We also desire to see all Christian women and their churches united across Tenerife; across language, culture and denomination differences. So that the church can be the ‘spotless bride of Christ’ she was called to be.

Call the confidential help-line: (+34) 639 426 835

You can join us

If you live in Tenerife South or are simply on holiday in the area, why not come and join us every Sunday at 10.30 am in Coral Mar Square, Costa del Silencio or the first Sunday of every month at Winter Gardens, Golf del Sur at 6.30 pm.