Tenerife Family Church verse 2

Tenerife has a large homeless community. This is partly due to people falling on hard times, partly due to people getting caught in addiction and partly due to the attractive climate that attracts the homeless as well as the holiday makers! Over the last few years many from this community have had contact with our church and found a place that loves and values them yet also offers care and support.

This led to many being brought to faith as a result. With good links to rehab centres on the island and in the UK, we have referred many different people who are serious about getting well. However, recovery is sometimes a long process and some people still need a helping hand to get their lives back together.

The vision is to have a Half-way House where people can stay, receive good christian company and teaching and enable people in recovery to establish a lifestyle that helps them hold on to what they have achieved. 

We also support the work of Arca de Noe which is a christian charity working with the homeless in Tenerife and some of the staff are members of Tenerife Family Church.