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About us

Tenerife Family Church  started life as Silencio Church in 2000, in Coral Mar Square, Costa del Silencio. We changed the name to Tenerife Family Church to reflect our desire to be known as a family of believers inviting others to be part of the family too.

We are situated  on the island of Tenerife, which is part of the Canary Islands, and is largely known as a holiday destination for those seeking the sun and sea with over 1.6 million Brits arriving each year. However there is also a large ex-pat community, often made up of those who have fallen on hard times in the UK and want to “escape” to a better life. This means that the community here can be very broken and a lifestyle of “losing yourself in alcohol and parties” does not only affect the young. We know Jesus wants to breakthrough and reach out to people in their lowest and messiest place and we exist on this island to share his love within the chaotic lives that people here often live.

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You can join us

If you live in Tenerife South or are simply on holiday in the area, why not come and join us every Sunday 10:30  in Coral Mar Square, Costa del Silencio or Aquamarina Golf del sur starting at 10:30 (from the 20th October).